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Various products of Car Cleaning Microfiber Towel&Set, providing product images and basic parameters with each Car Cleaning Microfiber Towel Set and Car Cleaning Microfiber Towels; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Car Cleaning Microfiber Towel&Set, and look forward to your cooperation!

Microfiber Coral Fleece Car Cleaning Glove


Microfiber Car Cleaning Towel


Car Cleaning Microfiber Towel&Set

Microfiber Car Cleaning Towels&Set included about All Microfiber Products, They are 100% Microfiber Material with About Different Raw Microfiber Yarn Material.  The Cloth Can be Warp Knitted, Weft Knitted, Coral Fleece Knitted. It Can be Produced to be Different Weight Ranges with Different Sizes and Colors.  All Microfiber Car Cleaning Items Can be Logo OEM Produced and Label Customized. There the Advantages for Microfiber Such as Good Softy, High Water Absorption and No Damages to Car Surface and So On.